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We are all the same. We want to keep this in mind and to make the world better place. Here on this link you can see and meet people who have a mission and who are fighting for this idea. They created a world fool of compassion and fool of understanding. They exist to help everyone regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.

This is the largest world union and global alliance for LGBT education. The main point is to educate young people to understand others with different gender expression. On the other hand we are supporting young people who need to face to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender issues. This community is free and open to anyone actively involved in LGBT education. They are fighting against homophonic bullying whether we are talking about live bullying or over social network. They are often cooperating with Pride Flag Macon .

GSANetwork is a site where you can find a lot of advice regarding LGBT bullying. They are fighting against it. Everybody can register here and ask any question. Everyone is free to join this national campaign, and everyone can become a part of this fight against LGBT bullying. The main purpose of this site is to create safer environment. Their educators can support youth and help them face unusual issues.

Middle Georgia State University is an organization created by students who have noticed among first how hard is to fight against homophobic people and how important is to educate others about other people’s differences. They are organizing a lot of charity events and they are open to the public. The best part of these kinds of events is the fact that members of the audience will get an opportunity to ask questions. They are similar like Pride Flag Macon – Organization for Gay rights in Macon.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Resources for the LGBTQ community in Macon, GA.