Key Priorities

Empowering individuals

An individual is a very important factor for making change happen. But it is also important to support them so they can make that difference, no matter if it is at work, home or any other community. By equipping people with right tools and confidence, they are enabled to influence other in their surroundings. By celebrating diversity, improving incorporation and visibility of role models, it is possible to promote the right of every LGBT individual in the world. Everybody should be a role model, of any age, gender or background. Empowering is possible anywhere, at work, shop, home, at places for hanging out or even pray. Effecting people to be themselves and achieve their full potential is the best way to support and value somebody. By sharing each other’s experience, the outcome can only be positive.

Changing minds and hearts

Working close with allies, communities, and partners can create a great demonstration of the strength diversity can bring. It is necessary to go deeper than ever before and reach people in the community including every possible background and community type. Role models have to be visible to create an environment in which LGBT people can function and participate naturally as any other individual. With an open mind and heart, there are no discrimination boundaries, and we get a world where everyone is free to be themselves.

Institution transform

Great power and influence lay in institutions. Workplaces, healthcare, sports clubs, schools, religious institutions and many other working together for same mission and energy development can ensure an inspiring environment for LGBT people. It is important to make them see and understand how much benefits they can get from LGBT people from the point of different perspectives and life experiences. These perspectives are of great value to all service users, employees and community members.

Law change

Laws do not go far enough for LGBT people. For sure there is great progress in law system, but still, there are many details that need to be solved and changed. For example, trans people still do not have the right legal framework that allows them to be themselves.

Most important is to strive for challenging discrimination and to spread information, consult and involve every individual from any community. Providing more and more opportunities where people can easily engage in making a world place for anybody to live free far from any prejudice or hatred.