“True” Rights

It is unbelievable to many people that today we are facing a world full of violence and inequality because someone we love, who we are or even how we look. Gender identity and sexual orientation are very important and so natural aspects of humanity which should never lead to abuse or discrimination.

Fortunately today, there are outnumbering organizations with activists who are working all they can to promote a multiplicity of these issues and identity problems in the best way possible. All abuses such as torture, killing, arrests, censorships, domestic violence, healthcare inequality family abuse and other are documented and exposed to inform society and free it from this huge level of discrimination. All people deserve to enjoy their rights in full. By providing programs, services, and activities that create community, promoting essential resources, advocating human and civil rights, empowering community members it is possible to reach a high level of support of cultural diversity and understanding of whole society.

Imagine living a life where you are constantly rejected, harassed, mocked and sometimes even in the possibility to be killed just because of being yourself. Well, unfortunately, this is a reality. More than third of the world’s countries put millions of people at risk of blackmail, imprisonment, and arrest just because of loving same-sex relationship. Some even force these people to undergo medical treatment or sterilization. Religion, tradition, and culture are often used tools for sanction of such persecution. Because of this many individuals hide and keep their feelings for themselves. They even deny themselves social support that could improve quality of their life. Other who somehow found courage deep inside get themselves in a great risk of becoming victims at any time anywhere.

Everyone can make a difference, starting with individuals, families, groups or organizations. When all of our work together creating a world that is equal and free for everybody can become real. Amazing work is done by a great number of many legal rights groups, health organizations, human rights groups and faith communities. Everybody can partner with these leaders and groups to help to promote a world of justice and faith.

Great progress has been made, but our work is not finished yet. Supporting of those who can’t yet be themselves must rise from day to day until everyone feels free to be who they are, wherever they are, it is their “true” right.